Knowledge Vs Learning Part 1 – Theory



The separation of knowledge resources and learning objects has always been something which has caused problems for business and institutions in the past. In this series of blogposts I’m going to examine the integration of knowledge management and learning and development. In this first of three I will examine some of the principles and theories around knowledge and learning, and how their definitions have become more blurred.

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Is Google all we need? (video version)

In this video I summarise the key points from my blog entry Is Google all we need. I ask the question about how we should be using Google for learning, and whether search will replace traditional views of learning.

Is Google all we need?

googleWe all live in front of the ever-changing Google font, relying on our search results to take us to the first step of any query. However Google has quickly moved beyond simple queries to become a mass educator. Teenagers learn complex programming skills from their bedrooms, DIY enthusiasts build houses using YouTube videos, political interns learn about countries from Wikipedia. Continue reading Is Google all we need?

How can you get gamification wrong?

Gamification is great. All the opportunities enjoyed by a medium that has successfully been motivating people to spend hours at a time learning new skills, mastering new methods and chasing intangible rewards while remaining social and networked the whole time. It’s being embraced by technologists and educationalists as the new medium for education and any technology product that relies on non-compulsory participation. This a view I wholeheartedly buy into, so why am I constantly frustrated by the confusion and failure of it’s application. Continue reading How can you get gamification wrong?